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Skylights: 5 Tips For Installation

5 Skylight Install Tips

Skylight in a Modern White Kitchen

If you are planning to add skylights as part of your house remodel, we have some great info for you!

Additional to placement and design, expert installation is the way to guarantee that your skylight will be solid and won't be a wellspring of leaks. 

Truth be told, up until recent years, many individuals avoided skylights due to the thought that "all" skylights "inevitably" leak.
This is no longer true since skylight design has extraordinarily improved. Many manufacturers, for example, Velux, even offer a 10 year guarantee against leakage. In any case, defective installation can render even the best quality skylight vulnerable to water invasion. 
To enable you to keep away from leaks, we share a time tried, 5 skylight install tips from the pros, which covers the most vital specialized parts of the installation procedure. These will be particularly useful in the event that you are anticipating going the DIY course

1. How Much Should Skylight Installation Cost?

Skylight in a Modern Small Kitchen
The complete installation cost can run from $500 to $3,000, contingent upon the roof build and window position. On the off chance that your skylight window requires slicing through trusses, you'll need to pay for a basic architect to design the custom framing at $300 to $500. 

Simply slicing through the roof will begin you off with $200 in labor. 

Add another $200-$300 to put the skylight in the gap and introduce the flashing around it, expecting you have asphalt shingles on your roof. On the off chance that your home has a metal or tile roof, increment that cost by 20-30%. 

For most skylights, you'll likewise need to assemble a chase through the attic down to the ceiling and complete the chase with drywall. That can without much of a stretch cost you amongst $1,000 and $1,500. 

Rooms with a cathedral ceiling avoid this extensive cost. In case you're adding a skylight to a current home, you should consider an extra $100-200 for repainting the ceiling where the sky facing window is introduced.
Skylight Installation Cost Infographic
Skylight Installation Cost Infographic

2. Select the RIGHT Skylight Mounting Option

Skylight in a Modern Living Room
With regards to mounting your skylight on the roof, you will have three alternatives. It is critical to comprehend the distinction between them preceding choosing your skylight, as this will specifically influence the aggregate cost and the multifaceted nature of the installation. 
Flush-mounted skylight is for the most part simpler to introduce in new development, than as a bit of hindsight. They are frequently a basic and modest acrylic vault. 
Curb-mounted skylight is lifted off the roof surface by a 'curb', which is developed by the installer of the skylight. Involvement in curb development and skylight installation is basic to guaranteeing the best possible fit for this kind of mounting. 
The self-curbing skylight once in a while referred to as a self-flashing skylight. This is the chief mounting technique, as it accompanies the curb as of now developed to perfectly fit your skylight and has flashing pre-introduced for the least demanding and most inconvenience free installation.

3. Consider Your Roof Pitch

The pitch of the roof where your skylight is found will influence the measure of warmth you pick up from the sun. The more extreme the pitch, the more prominent the warmth pick up. The general suggestion is for your skylight pitch to be 5 to 15 degrees more prominent than the land scope of your area.

4. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Bedroom skylights with good ventilation
Bedroom skylights with good ventilation
Condensation on your skylight can be an issue if there isn't appropriate ventilation in your home, or in the room where it is found. This is a noteworthy worry for lavatories. Thus, you should think about purchasing an operable skylight as opposed to a fixed one. 
Then again, unless you have the accommodation of an electronically worked skylight, you may find that opening and shutting for ventilation purposes might be more inconvenience than it's worth, and choose to abstain from assembling it taking all things together. Another choice is to just have ventilation fans introduced in the space to shield the mugginess.

5. Prevent Future Leaks

A lot of the leak issues related with more seasoned skylights have been disposed of by better designs. The way to staying away from leaks with the present skylights is basically identified with appropriate installation. Continuously take after the manufacturers installation suggestions. These will frequently incorporate directions about mounting the skylight over the roof surface on a curb with appropriately introduced flashing, and waterproofing to send the water far from the skylight itself.
A few seasoned Skylight installers in the Central Florida, East/Metro/West areas are:
As always, we hope you have found this informative! 


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