Roofing Trend: Buy A Roof, Get A Gun!!

After the Digital Roofing Innovations (The Alabama Boys) video "buy a roof, get a gun!" went viral, it seems that plenty of other companies jumped in and followed suit. After a little investigation we found that the first company to do this was not the Alabama boys from DRI, but actually a fellow named James Webb, who soon after changed the name of his company to Get a roof get a gun. Located in Denver, James Webb and his idea, didn't go viral like the Alabama Boys, possibly because he isn't muscular and wearing short shorts, or possibly other reasons.
We also got info that Mr. Webb was upset about other companies following suit so much that he called The Alabama Boys and a Florida Company, Barfield Contracting, to threaten them saying he owns the "Buy a roof, get a gun" idea... Hmm

Either way the trend has started and we decided to show you what we think to be the best of these videos, and also to tell you that you don't get a free gun, you get a voucher so that if you are able to own a gun legally, you can go get it.

What's your thoughts on this trend that went viral?


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