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Roof Shingles Prices 2017

In this article we will go over shingles prices, the most common material for sloped roofs on residential properties. Prices Update on Jul 10, 2017.
The two most popular shingles styles are 3-Tab and Architectural (laminated) shingles. These as well as premium roof shingles are made by multiple manufacturers in US and Canada. The largest manufacturers are GAF / ELK, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, Tamko, IKO, and Atlas.
For the same class shingles, prices are pretty competitive across manufacturers. The biggest difference between them is mostly in the brand name recognition, roofers’ and homeowners’ perception of material quality, and installer’s preference.

Malarkey Legacy Architectural Shingles
Before we dive into the actual prices, I want you to read why we are writing this post:
Introductory rant: I was doing an estimate the other day, and the client showed me a quote he got from another contractor. Besides a ridiculously high price (about $700 / sq, on a 22 squares, 12 pitch roof, with 1 layer tear-off and 3 dormers), what struck me the most was the difference in prices between 3-tab and architectural “lifetime” shingles (formerly knows as 30-years shingles).
For 3-tabs (25 years), the price was $14790 ($673 / square), and for “lifetime” architecturals, it was $16500 ($750 / square). So what gives?
Why is there a $1710 difference between the two quotes?
Do architectural shingles cost $77 more per square?
The truth is, the roofer was taking the homeowner for a “ride”, trying to sell a “premium” package for an unjustified up-charge.
While I’m not judging the other contractor – it’s their business – I want to inform homeowners of the real price difference between the two. So when you are getting quotes for roof replacement you will know how much premium upgrades really cost.

As you will see below, the $77 / square up-charge was completely unjustified. The cost difference between 3-tab and architectural shingles is only $10 per square, while ALL other components of the system, as well as the installation cost are the SAME.
Thus, the difference should be maybe $300-500 – not $1700!
roofing system components
For the purposes of this article, we will concentrate on MATERIAL prices. To see how much a complete installation would cost, check out this guide.

Roof Shingles Material Prices in 2017:
When considering the cost of materials, many people take into account just the shingles. This is incorrect, as a roof made up of just roofing shingles will not work. You also need to consider all the accessories that are included in a complete system.
A Roofing System consists of the following components:
  • Shingles
  • Underlayment: Felt, Synthetic, Ice & Water Shield
  • Hip / Ridge cap
  • Flashing
  • Drip edge metal
  • Ventilation (ridge vent)
  • Pipe boots
  • Lead & step flashing
  • Nails, caulking, and other small things
Without utilizing all of these accessories, your roof will likely leak, and your warranty (from ANY shingles manufacturer) will be null and void immediately after installation!
Since we will provide prices for most “available” materials, we used the GAF roofing system diagram below. By most available we mean shingles sold at the big orange box home-improvement store (Home Depot). These are GAF architectural and 3-tab shingles.
For a real life example of how much shingles cost we went to the Home Depot and compiled all the material prices. We used these prices because most homeowners do not have “contractor” friends, who can purchase materials for them from Roofing Supply stores. Besides, these supply stores are often more expensive than Home Depot / Lowe’s and other big chains.

Here are the prices as of July 10, 2017 (in parentheses we have old prices from 2013-2014)

Below you will find full up-to date price list (as of 7/10/2017) for different laminated and 3-tab shingles, underlayment, ventilation and all other accessories.
Update Jul 20, 2017 – Home Depot prices: The roofing supplier pricing provided below shows GAF Timberline and CertainTeed Landmark laminated shingles at $80 / square each. With contractor discount, you can get them from $75-$78.
However, Home Depot sells GAF Timberline Natural Shadow (thinner version of Timberline) at $72 per square, when you buy 12 squares or more, and Timberline HD at $76.80 per square. The HD version is slightly better than regular Timberline.
Finally, GAF Royal Sovereign (3-tab) is $67.20 per square, when you 16 squares or more.
Here is a quote I got from Beacon Sales in West Bridgewater, MA (Brockton branch), for CertainTeed Landmark, GAF Timberline and IKO Cambridge laminated shingles.
Roof Shingles Prices in 2017
3-tab shingles:$23.50 per bundle or $70.50 / square (old price $28.50)
GAF Timberline laminated shingles:$26.67 per bundle or $80.01 per square (old price $32.50)
CertainTeed Landmark laminated shingles:$26.67 per bundle or $80.01 per square – same price as GAF Timberline (old price $32.50)
IKO Cambridge laminated shingles:$25.00 per bundle or $75 per square (old price $29.90)
15 / 30 lb felt:$15.75 / roll. 400 / 200 sq. ft. coverage respectively (old price $21.25)
Ice & Water BARRIER (generic):69.00 per roll – 200 sq. ft. coverage (old price $98)
Ice & Water Shield (by Grace):$138.00 per roll – 225 sq. ft. coverage (old price $127)
Hip / Ridge Cap:$51.95 / bundle. 20 ln. ft. coverage (old price $46.93)
Ventilation (ridge vent):$55 for a 20 ft. roll of Cobra ridge vent (old price $50.25)
Synthetic Underlayment:$101.84 for 400 sq. ft. roll of GAF Deck Armor (old price $84)
GAF DeckArmor 1000 s.f. Synthetic Underlayment:$203 for 1000 sq. ft. roll (old price $184)
NOTE: These prices were sourced in Boston, MA area, and are in the higher end of national prices. For example in Indiana, GAF Timberline / CertainTeed Landmark shingles cost about $67/sq.
However, national average is $74.51/square.
I mention DeckArmor above, because in my opinion it is the best synthetic underlayment available on the market, based on quality and price. Compared to FELT, price per square foot of deck armor is $0.202 vs $0.079 for felt or about 4 times more expensive (in reality it’s even less, because you have 60% more overlaps with felt, thus actual coverage is much less). However, since most roofs are about 1600 s.f., 2 rolls should be enough for a typical roof. In a grand scheme of things, deck armor will cost $249 more for the entire roof. However it is above and beyond a much better WATERPROOFING product for your entire roof is is very much worth it. I will do a separate post on why, in coming weeks.

All prices are before any state sales tax is added. Also, note that when you buy shingles in bulk (48 or more bundles OR 16+ squares) you get about $3/bundle discount.
The “spy” pictures below show what and how much each type of shingle or roofing accessory costs.
You can estimate your total roof replacement cost by a licensed / insured contractor here.
Shingles Warranty Myths:
In a future article, we will discuss in detail roof shingles warranty issues, what’s covered, how long it is good for, all the exclusions, clauses and other ways for manufacturers do not uphold warranties. For now, watch this video above, to see how these warranties really work, and what’s “covered”.
A few of our recommended contractors in the Central Florida, East/Metro/West areas are:
As always, we hope you have found this informative! 


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