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Leak Prevention: Making Your Roof Last

A rooftop secures your ENTIRE home, and a modest little hole can cost $2000-5000 in real house repairs. 

However, while picking a renovating undertaking to burn through cash on, rooftops are normally route down on the rundown – underneath washrooms, kitchens, siding, augmentations, and so forth. 
The most ideal approach to manage spills and other material issues, is to keep them from occurring in any case. 
Realize what you can do to ensure your new rooftop keeps going quite a while, and remains release free.

1. Spend more on installation = Save over the roof’s lifetime

Typically, most people do not see their roof when they wake up and make their first cup of coffee. As a result, many neglect it before, during and after replacement.
According to NRCA, a roof constitutes only 3% of the total house cost. This is another reason why many do not invest into high quality installation or timely repairs.
Usually people hold out for as long as they can, waiting for the leaks and damages to become serious enough to warrant action. At that point, they are in a hurry, there is no time to research and hire a quality contractor, and the desire to save a few extra bucks often backfires in the long run.
However, when it starts to leak, the damages amount to thousands of dollars, whereas a new roof costs on average $6500. And even if the insurance covers some repairs, homeowners usually spend at least $2000 out of pocket to fix damages.
On top of that, most roofs usually have 2-3 major leaks during their lifetime, and after the first occurrence, insurance DOES NOT cover damages any more.
In my opinion, spending extra $1000-2000 on a roof when you replace it, will often make it LEAK FREE for its intended lifespan. But the sticker shock “scares” homeowners into going for the cheapest or second cheapest option.
Think of it this way: If you had to change an AXLE on your car – would you put a cheap replacement part or the one made by the manufacturer? (FYI, axles get a lot of use, and are critical to a car’s operation and safety.
If you would chose the “cheap” part, you don’t have to read below 🙂
If you answered “made by manufacturer part” these tips are for you!

2. Proper Ventilation is KEY to Roof Longevity

In the southern states, condensation and ventilation are big issues that affect roof performance and longevity. Yet, many homeowners who try to save a few bucks neglect these important areas.
The main reason is that ventilation problems will only surface as leaks occur a few years down the line, and many people want to save money TODAY, even if it means loosing a lot more money later on.
Over the course of a few years, poor roof ventilation results not only in leaks, but also in more serious and expensive problems, such as rotted plywood. At that point, the entire roof must be removed and the substrate completely replaced, costing thousands of dollars, and a whole lot of stress.
All of this could be avoided by spending an extra $750-1500 on quality ventilation during the initial installation.
3. Upgrade to a Metal Roof
It’s true that a metal roof costs more than asphalt shingles. However, in some cases the price difference is not as huge as some people think, while the benefits are numerous.

For example, a corrugated type R-panel metal roof costs only 20-30% more than 30 year roof shingles, and is relatively easy to install. Consider what you get for this extra investment:

Proper ventilation is easy to setup

Metal panels will never cure, “cook” or dry out and become brittle, such as regular shingles
Yes, the exposed fasteners pose a potential problem, but if you have them retorqued (re-fastened) every 5-7 years, they should never leak.
In the grand scheme of things, the upgrade will only cost you $1200-1500 extra on an average roof.
Think about it this way. One major roof repair costs more! One minor repair costs $400-500.
So it’s better to spend extra $1500 upfront, and never worry about leaks again.
If you want better looks, metal shingles are your economic architectural metal roof alternative. These cost about 70-80% more than 30 year shingles, but they will easily last 50 years! I don’t even mention that when properly installed, they should never ever leak!
As always, we provide a list of contractors that we trust in the Central Florida, East/Metro/West areas.


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