How To Know If Its Time to Replace That Old Roof?

Not certain of the state of your roof and stressed that it might be an ideal opportunity to replace it?

Now and then a roof can  achieve the end of its lifespan without encountering a roof failure. Detecting a falling roof before you have inside harm, leaks or mold could spare you a great deal of cash and hardship over the long haul. In any case, if replacing an old roof is postponed it could bring about more serious issues not far off. Along these lines, look for the notice signs to make certain to give yourself a lot of time to add the task to your home maintenance. 

Potential Signs You Need a New Roof 

  • Shingle Edges are Curled or Shingle Tabs are Cupped and Cracked. 
  • Missing Shingles or Smooth Spots Where Granules are Missing 
  • Holes Causing Leaks During Rainstorms 
  • Water Damage on Ceilings or Walls 
  • Roof Granules Clogging the Gutters 
  • Fascia – The Front Board Along your Roof Line is Easily Damaged by Water 
  • Moss or Algae Growing on The Roof. 

In the event that you see any of these signs, it might be a great opportunity to contact your local roofing contractor. Most will come to your property and do and inspection free of charge.

Provided here is a list of some contractors that will do a free inspection and give you an estimate.


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