Metal Rooftop Versus Asphalt

A few companies are putting forth "metal rooftop same cost as shingles" yet its essential to take a gander at the financing and the last value that you will wind up paying

When you're picking what sort of material to introduce on your rooftop, two mainstream alternatives suggested by material experts are metal roofing and asphalt shingles. These are exceptionally normal in the United States, particularly asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are seen on no less than 70% of homes in the United States since they're moderate, simple to introduce and don't cost as much to repair as different materials. In any case, metal material is developing more prevalent due to its vitality proficiency and cooling capacity. 

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Here is some more data on these two sorts of roofing materials to enable a better way to figure out which is best for your home: 

Metal Roof versus Asphalt Shingles Cost Comparison 

One of the solitary most imperative elements to any mortgage holder is the cost of a roofing material. Know that black-top shingle material is substantially less costly than metal material. Here is an estimated taken a toll breakdown of each: 

Asphalt Shingles: 

  • 3-tab shingles: $90 per material square (i.e. 100 square feet)
  • Engineering/overlay shingles: $100 per material square 
  • Felt: $20 per roll 
  • Manufactured underlayment: $85 for 400 square feet 
  • Steel or aluminum shingles: $265 to $375 per material square 
  • Creased steel boards: $120 to $150 per material square 
  • Stone-covered steel: $350 to $425 per material square 
  • Standing crease: $400 to $600 per material square 
  • Copper or zinc material: $700 to $900 per material square 

With such high costs, you may ask why you ought to put resources into metal material by any means. The reason is its life span. It can most recent fifty years or more with little support. Asphalt Shingle material should be supplanted two to four times in its lifetime which implies extra substitution and support costs. 

Metal material is likewise vitality proficient, offering investment funds of up to 40% on vitality costs. Intelligent metal material eliminates ventilating costs and emissive metal rooftops enable chop to down on nursery gasses and hot temperatures. By and large, this implies cash investment funds, vitality proficiency and less contamination. 

Here's a breakdown of some real contrasts between asphalt and metal material:

Asphalt Shingles
Metal Roofs
Inexpensive, but repairs and replacement will mean additional costs down the road.
High initial cost but less chance of repairs and chance for federal rebates.
Lasts 15-30 years with a 20-25 year warranty
Lasts 50+ years with a potential lifetime warranty
Not good for hot summers.
“Cool roofing” helps to keep air conditioning costs down in the summer.
Fire Resistance   
Fiberglass shingles resist fire, but organic shingles do not. 
Copper and steel are resistant, but aluminum doesn't hold up well.

Different Factors to Consider 

On the off chance that despite everything you aren't sure about whether to introduce Asphalt Shingle material or metal material on your home outside, there are some different variables that set the two apart. 


Metal rooftops are regularly lighter than black-top shingles. They weigh around 1.5 pounds for every square foot, while Asphalt Shingles normal 2 to 4 pounds for every square foot. This implies metal rooftops can be introduced over existing material without adding excessively weight to the structure. Introducing Asphalt Shingles, then again, frequently includes expelling the old roofing material before continuing. This could mean an additional cost to you for transfer and evacuation. 

Life expectancy 

Metal rooftops, as prove by their 50-year life expectancy, outlast Asphalt Shingles by more than three times their lifetime. While black-top shingles are less demanding to introduce than metal material, they require general support and should be supplanted in 15 to 30 years, which implies an additional cost to mortgage holders. 


Work costs differ extraordinarily over the United States for material establishment. Research has demonstrated that work costs are normally higher in places with a minimal effort of living. This doesn't mean you ought to pick a reasonable roofer for the activity however, so request references! You additionally shouldn't pick the minimum costly asphalt shingle material or metal roofing material when you continue with an establishment. You would prefer not to see charges not far off for repairs since you held back to spare a couple of dollars. 

Paint Finish 

You can have your metal material painted in any complete shading or style you need. There are unique coats accessible from low to premium quality. The lower quality the more prone to fading. Putting resources into the superior quality will cost a couple of hundred dollars all the more, yet it frequently accompanies a lifetime guarantee and looks better on your rooftop accordingly.

Proficient Installation 

Introducing a rooftop requires an expert because of wellbeing concerns, authorizing, time and exertion. This isn't something you can DIY on the end of the week. It's much more hazardous with metal material since introducing metal material requires estimation, additional time and specialized foundation information. There should be an underlayment, vents, trim and blazing introduced. 

As Always, we recommend calling your local licensed and insured Roofing Contractor and getting their experience with what they see working best with the local climate.

Till Next Time,Thanks for reading!
-The Florida Roofing Experts Team


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